News: New Fast VDS with NVMe

Published: 30/03/2022

Friends, we have great news!
Now our VPS/VDS servers in the Netherlands are equipped with ultra-fast NVMe drives!
What is NVM?
NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory) is a new protocol for connecting to solid state drives (SSD) via the PCI Express bus. This protocol makes it possible to work with non-volatile memory (usually NAND flash) with much lower latency, a new set of instructions and a queuing mechanism, which are specifically designed to efficiently use multi-core systems and multithreading of SSDs.
NVMe SSD is the latest generation of disk storage that allows you to access data faster.
Simply put, now all our VPS on NVMe will work even faster than virtual servers on regular SSD drives.

What are the benefits of new VPS?
The most important thing is the price from $5.99/m
• VPS in the Netherlands;
• Xeon CPU 3.5GHz;
• 1Gbit/s Premium;
• 10Tb traffic;
• DDos protection;
• Root access;
• IPv4 IP addresses;
• Free DNS;
• Speed of disk subsystem up to 3200 Mb/s;
• Choice of operating system: Centos, Debian, Ubuntu, as well as the ability to install any OS from client ISO images
• Convenient and clear control panel;
• KVM virtualization technology
• Our servers are located in a TIER III level data center in the Netherlands;
• Server platforms Dell, SuperMicro, Fujitsu, HP

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